Campus Exhibition: ARTS² – École supérieure des Arts (BE)

THU September 4-MON September 8, 2014, daily 11 AM - 9 PM
Kunstuniversität Linz

ARTS² is an art academy in the city of Mons, Belgium, the 2015 European Capital of Culture. The school provides training in the visual arts, music and theater. Its multidisciplinary structure makes it the ideal place for collaborative projects by students in different majors. In Mons, particular emphasis is placed on access to the media industry, from which students obtain technical knowhow, master various forms of expression and acquire software skills. Learning to program is a key element of training at ARTS².


High on the educational agenda is teaching students to use a wide variety of tools and encouraging them to go their own way. The Department of Electroacoustic Music is the only one of its kind in Europe. Among its offerings is a master’s program in acousmatic composition including courses on aesthetics, music culture and technology in the field of electro-acoustics.


Cédric Lambot (Digital Arts Department)
Video and sound box

Arsène Lone (A. Lone)
Gaël Maistriau (Digital Arts Department)
Flash game

Cédric Dewez, Steve Van Essche (Digital Arts Department)
Game installation controlled by a tablet

Blended Harmony
Erwan Charlie Dodson (Electroacoustic Music Department), Gaël Maistriau, Laura Maugeri (Digital Arts Department)
The theme of this multiplayer game is the global eco-balance

Blind Path
Phoebe PenninckInteractive (Digital Arts Department)
A jacket for blind people

Confidences sur canapé
Gil Van Cayseele (Digital Arts Department)
Confessions of human passions

Jefta Hoekendijk, Julien Leroy & François Rocca (Numediart) (Digital Arts Department)
Installation and print on the subject of facial recognition

Data Po-easy
Gil Van Cayseele (Digital Arts Department)
Sound poetry

Data Snif Data 
Gil Van Cayseele (Digital Arts Department)
Data visualization

Delay Canvas 
Jefta Hoekendijk (Digital Arts Department)
Interactive video installation

Delphine Van Laere (Digital Arts Department)

Jefta Hoekendijk (Digital Arts Department)
Installation and print on the subject of facial recognition

Floating Island
Sophie Delafontaine (Electroacoustic Music Department), Allison Godry, Cédric Lambot (Digital Arts Department)

Hänsel & Gretel
Laura Maugeri (Digital Arts Department)
Flash game about Grimms’ fairy tales

Human Sculptures
Jefta Hoekendijk (Digital Arts Department)
Prints that show the body’s path through a programmed process

Obsolescence Factory
Gaël Maistriau (Digital Arts Department)
A game about the artificially reduced useful life of game industry products

Gaël Maistriau (Digital Arts Department)
Processing game with a 3-D structure

Teddy Fear
Allison Godry (Digital Arts Department)
A teddy bear in an interactive space

Laura Maugeri (Digital Arts Department)
Animation starring a shy but imaginative little protagonist

Laura Maugeri (Digital Arts Department)
Flash game featuring vampires battling zombies

François Martin (Digital Arts Department)
Web design

Curators: Roald Baudoux, Michel Cleempoel, Drita Kotaji, Martin Waroux, François Zajéga

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