Domplatz Nightline

THU September 4-SUN September 7, 2014, 8:30 PM-11 PM
Domplatz next to the Mariendom

When it gets dark in the evening, the large square in front of the Mariendom turns into a stage for luminous interactive media art projects.

Weary of the media art scene’s many highly elaborate interactive installations, panGenerator, a crew from Poland, created Constellaction, a smart yet playful alternative to the stacks of hardware everyone else seems to require these days. Handy, three-dimensional tetrahedrons are the elements used to construct this array, one that’s so simple kids can master it immediately.

The media art installation OscFluctuation, can be seen as an interactive audiovisual instrument, which is played by the visitor’s movement. The title combines the English terms oscillation and fluctuation, which both can be traced back in such diverse fields as thermodynamics, music and quantum mechanics.

Water Light Graffiti
A sponge, brush or water pistol and some water—that’s all it takes to conjure up Water Light Graffiti on a wall studded with thousands of water-sensitive LEDs. The principle is simple; the results are a feast for the eyes.

Planets Performance
Planets is a participatory performance that explores relationships between people, places and objects through a fusion of dance and interactive art practice.

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