The International PRIX BLOXHUB INTERACTIVE is an ambitious competition encouraging an interdisciplinary focus on creating livable cities. The competition invites architects, creatives, engineers, tech-people and visionaries from all around the world to share visions for public life in urban environments. Winners are awarded a uniquely designed statuette, prize money ranging up to €5000 per category and an opportunity to showcase their talents at the BLOXHUB Interactive Festival at BLOX in Copenhagen and at the famed Ars Electronica Festival in Linz. Selected projects in the category Excellence will also get a chance to showcase their visions in BLOXHUB for the rest of 2019 and submissions in the concept category will be offered matchmaking with relevant Danish companies. The BLOXHUB Interactive Festival takes place at BLOXHUB Copenhagen from the 21th to the 22nd of May 2019. The festival focuses on how to use technology to create livable cities and in addition to the competition PRIX BLOXHUB INTERACTIVE and the associated exhibition, the festival will feature talks, workshops and industry matchmaking sessions


Excellence: what can we learn?

The “Excellence” category addresses submission of a tested project (proof-of-concept) or already realized projects, where technology either has been a part of the process or the result. It recognizes excellence in work that can show us a better or new understanding about the usage, from looking at data patterns gathered from the installation/building/urban design. We encourage entries that show data analysis unfolding the use of an initiative in relation to time of a day, week and/or year.

Concept: “next big thing”

The “Concept” category is dedicated specifically to tomorrow’s hybrid and trans-disciplinary projects and approaches to the design of public space. Primary emphasis is on new, exciting concepts transcending the boundaries between industry and research, architecture and behavioral patterns, physical shape and technology. In this category, artistic originality counts just as much as masterful technical achievement. We encourage entries of concepts that will show visions on how an activation of a space can invite people from different ages, cultures and genders.

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