Chilean Artist Talks

This year, for the very first time, the Ministerio de las Culturas, las Artes y el Patrimonio and the Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores | Gobierno de Chile and Ars Electronica Linz collaborated in asking artists, scientists, designers, researchers, entrepreneurs and social activists from Chile or with a Chilean background to participate in this year’s Ars Electronica Festival 2018. The participants in the roundtable will discuss the current developement and tendencies in the Chilean media art scene.

Speakers: Claudia González Godoy (CL), Roy Macdonald (CL), Nani Gutiérrez (CL), Cristobal Valenzuela (CL)

Claudia González Godoy (CL), Credit:

Claudia González Godoy (CL)

Claudia González Godoy is an independent Media Artist and manager of Educational projects in Art and Technology. Since 2006, she has developed a proposal based on the notion of materiality in analogue and digital technological supports, with procedures from sound installation, electronics and engraving. In her artistic research she explores the behavior of materials in time and their manifestation in the dimension of sound, specifically the water. In this search she has applied, in the last 4 years, a research methodology based on artistic expeditions to “natural” spaces where she collects various types of material, audio and audiovisual records.
She has participated in various meetings, festivals and exhibitions such as at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome, LIWOLI (Austria), SOL (Spain), EEII (Croatia), File (Brazil), Sudex (Argentina), Tsonami. (Chile) and the BVAM (Chile), Festival de la imagen, Manizales (Colombia). She was Co-Director of the Chimbalab Art and Technology Laboratory Project (2008-2012). Co-founder of Surófona Latinoamenrican radio of electronic arts (2015-2018). Currently she is a professor at the art school of the University of Chile.

Roy Macdonald (CL)

Roy Macdonald, born 1983, is a Chilean artist who works with diverse technology from video and moviemaking, to interactive installations, robotics and music. Code and computers are his primary tools. He enjoys challenges, especially when the challenge means an opportunity to learn new things and embark towards uncertain results.

Nani Gutiérrez (CL)

Nani Gutiérrez, born in 1982, graduated in Fine Arts at Universidad de Chile. She works as an illustrator, 2D-animator and video artist. Her music videos “Miasmatic” and “Song of the Sea” were selected and awarded at several festivals such as Backup Festival Weimar and Boddinale Berlin Community Movie Festival. Nani Gutiérrez lives and works in Berlin.

Cristobal Valenzuela (CL), Credit:

Cristobal Valenzuela (CL)

Cristobal Valenzuela is a technologist, artist and software developer interested in the intersection between machine learning and creative tools. He is a researcher at New York University ITP, author of RunwayML , and co-founder of Latent Studio , a creative studio specializing in machine learning and artificial intelligence. He also contributes to OSS and helps maintain ml5.js.