Imagine a world where anyone with a few dollars could own and experience cutting edge contemporary art… Imagine valuable art in the hands of everyone, not just an exclusive of elite collectors…

What if artists and their descendants received royalties every time their art changed hands, long after they had given up the ownership, even generations into the future?

Imagine immersive digital art being available to its owners to view any time and place, stored securely in the cloud in perpetuity. Could blockchain tech make these things a reality? Do these points sound like fantasies of disruption? The typical spiel of a crypto startup that will “transform and revolutionise industry x” and “disrupt industry y.” YAIR wants to build this future but not by turning over an existing industry. YAIR is not here to disrupt the world of traditional art collecting. YAIR are not revolutionaries. They are pioneers. YAIR is not trying to claim the fields of the king to grow food for the people, they want to plow a new field and grow an experimental crop to offer the people. What is this new field? It is the field of valuable digital art produced by leading contemporary artists.

Digital artworks from leading creators have been around since Andy Warhol began creating images on a Commodore 64. But they have never achieved the valuable collectable status that can be found in paintings, sculptures and other physical forms today. Until blockchain technology arrived, art in the digital world has not been secure. Like any digital file, digital artworks can be reproduced without limit and the scarcity that makes art collectable has been missing.

The YAIR project began with a plan to capture the value of art through tokenizing ownership of existing physical artworks. However we soon came to realize that in such a model, there is a critical point of centralized weakness: the physical artworks themselves need to be authenticated, transported, cared for, insured and protected. Additionally, how is the art to be enjoyed? Art demands to be experienced, not locked in a vault. These concerns brought us to the consideration of digital art. Digital art by its nature is the perfect art to live on the blockchain.

Digital art opens spatial and temporal possibilities not present in other mediums. Immersive virtual or mixed reality creations mean the artist is no longer constrained by a flat square of canvas or the static medium of sculpture. Digital art has been inhibited from obtaining values remotely similar to the values experienced by physical art on a similar level. There have been persistent problems in collecting, trading, authenticating and experiencing digital art. The YAIR approach of tokenizing the artwork brings access, security and ease to these problem areas.

YAIR takes the value of art and secures it with blockchain technology, making it available to a global community of collectors, traders and enthusiasts. YAIR works with leading contemporary artists to produce digital artworks. Each artwork exists exclusively embodied as a limited supply of crypto-tokens. Each token is a key that grants access to to directly experience the artwork in its native medium and is an equity percentage of the artwork itself. The art is the token. The token is the product. The product is the art.

The YAIR concept to embody art on the blockchain was born in the summer of 2016. From day one the vision has been discussed with artists, galleries, collectors, art enthusiasts and, of course, institutions and museums. These discussions have revealed the pains and and potential gains of YAIR‘s approach to this new market of digital art. All of them see a great opportunity in the YAIR project.