Kickstarter – Public Benefit Corporation

Kickstarter‘s mission is to help bring creative projects to life. This has been done since 2009 through one-time project funding, but also through Drip, Kickstarter‘s latest tool for ongoing community building and financial support. Funding isn’t the only question raised by artists & creators, who are constantly seeking emotional and practical guidance. Kickstarter provides that through The Creative Independent, through interviews & how-to’s. Through its several tools & platforms, Kickstarter‘s ultimate goal is to educate, inspire, and grow the community of people who create or dream of creating.

Panel Discussion, Masterclass & Breakfast for Women

How do artists get paid? Digital art has always run counter to traditional institutional models, and sought direct engagement with audiences. From the collaborations between artists and engineers at Bell Labs in the 1950s to the browser-based artworks from the 1990s through today, digital art has positioned itself as an underdog, a laboratory, and a space for creative experimentation. Digital artworks have explored some of the most urgent concerns of our time, while the artists who create them have often struggled to find consistent funding and support. This panel will ask: How are artists experimenting with payment and distribution models in ways that are both creative and practical? In keeping with the medium’s alternative traditions, what are artists doing to subvert existing models and create new ones, drawing inspiration from things like e-commerce, software piracy, and crowdfunding?

Kickstarter Masterclass, Introduction to Drip & One-on-One Sessions

Have you considered crowdfunding as a way to fund and build a community around an upcoming project?

Kickstarter helps artists, musicians, filmmakers, designers, and other creators find the resources and support they need to make their ideas a reality. In this masterclass, multidisciplinary designer & Oscar Lhermitte and Christoph Nagel will guide artists through the process of launching a Kickstarter or Drip.

The program will cover strategies for building an audience, promoting your practice, preparing and managing finances, and navigating rewards and fulfilment. This is an introductory class, with an opportunity for one-on-one sessions afterwards in the Paketspeicher Lounge on Sept 7. 2018 from 3.00 to 4.00 pm.

2.00 – 2.30 pm Kickstarter Masterclass by Oscar Lhermitte (FR)
location: Säulenhalle, Gallery Spaces Panels area
2.30 – 2.45 pm Introduction to Drip by Christoph Nagel (UK)
location: Säulenhalle, Gallery Spaces Panels area
3.00 – 4.00 pm One-on-one sessions with Lindsay Howard (US), Gemma Seltzer (UK) & Christoph Nagel (UK) from Kickstarter PBC.
location: Paketspeicher, Lounge area


Estela Oliva (UK), Director and Curator; Estela Oliva’s work explores the impact of technology and the internet in human behavior, society and our surroundings. She creates immersive hybrid environments in which the physical and the virtual blend, unfolding narratives and cerebral experiences. These projects come to life in experimental formats such as exhibitions, experiential events, installations, web experiments, apps and films. With a background in the digital world, Estela has curated and directed festivals, exhibitions and events around the world including Alpha-ville Festival of Digital Arts, Into The Wild for Markerversity, The Garden of Virtual Utopias for Art Night London and Nocturnal City for Somerset House Studios. She has also worked with brands and institutions such as Barbican, Somerset House, Instagram, Sedition and Google to develop innovative projects. Last year, Estela launched her new project Clon, a hybrid adventure to explore speculative scenarios and future worlds using technology and new media such as simulations and virtual reality. &

Stefanie Wuschitz (AT), as founder & artist she works at the intersection of research, art and technology, with a particular focus on Critical Media Practices (feminist hacking, open source technology, peer production). She graduated with an MFA in Transmedia Art in 2006. In 2008 she completed her Masters at TISCH School of the Arts at New York University and became Digital Art Fellow at Umeå University in Sweden. In 2009 she founded the feminist hackerspace and art collective Mz* Baltazar’s Laboratory in Vienna, encouraging technology and art that is developed from a female perspective. In 2014 she finished her PhD on Feminist Hackerspaces at the Vienna University of Technology. She held Post-Doc positions at the University of Applied Arts Vienna and the Vienna University of Technology and collaborates with scholars at Michigan University (Ann Arbor). Currently she is teaching at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and exhibiting her art work in international venues.

Kevin McCoy (US), Co-Founder & CEO of Monegraph + Artist; Kevin is the co-founder and CEO of Monegraph. He is an Associate Professor in the Department of Art and Art Professions at NYU where he oversees the department’s digital art practices. He has had a long studio art career working collaboratively with his partner Jennifer McCoy. In New York, their artworks are in the permanent collections of MoMA, the Metropolitan Museum, the Whitney Museum of American Art and dozens of other museums and collections worldwide.

Lindsay Howard (US), Independent Curator; Lindsay Howard is an independent curator specializing in how internet is shaping art & culture. She curated the first and second digital art auctions Phillips in New York and London which were called an “art breakthrough” by WIRED magazine. Previously, she served as Curatorial Fellow at Eyebeam, the leading art and technology center in the United States, and founded the exhibition program at 319 Scholes. Lindsay has lectured at Carnegie Mellon University, New York University, University of Oregon, PNCA, Oberlin College, Frieze New York, Art Basel Miami Beach and the School of Art Institute of Chicago. In 2016, she served on the selection committee for Creative Capital’s Emerging Field award. Lindsay has also served on juries for the Mozilla Foundation, The New School and Eyebeam. She has been profiled by Cultured Magazine and The Observer, and her writing has appeared in Hyperallergic, Rhizome and SFAQ. Lately, she was producing an artist residency between Bell Labs and the New Museum in New York and is currently Manager of Creator Initiatives at Kickstarter.