Concept Fire Truck

Rosenbauer (AT)

What impact will digitization, urbanization, demographic shifts, autonomous mobility and other current trends have on firefighting? What will firefighting technology be called upon to do in the years to come? An initial response to these questions is provided by Rosenbauer’s Concept Fire Truck, a trailblazer in the truest sense of the word.

The Concept Fire Truck constitutes a multipurpose emergency vehicle in every regard—a firefighting vehicle, a rescue vehicle and an ambulance all in one. There is room in its optimized spatial concept for the complete range of equipment that the fire services require for their various operations. The chassis, driver’s cab and superstructure (with or without an integrated crew cabin) constitute a single unit. This provides decisive advantages with regard to vehicle dynamics and stability, as well as a low height in tandem with improved use of space and greater crew protection. The crew and driver cabins are merged to form a barrier-free compartment, which can be modified for every operation. Depending on the type of deployment, the corresponding equipment is available on board, along with sufficient room to transport injured persons and the first responders caring for them. The Concept Fire Truck is an extremely compact and maneuverable emergency vehicle with a highly functional design, which above all sets new ergonomic benchmarks. This is a vehicle that can be easily and safely operated from ground level, and no longer requires firefighters to “climb” into the cabin. Indeed, this truck is more reminiscent of a command center than a crew transporter. Moreover, it’s a vehicle which, when on the move and in operation, is extremely efficient and produces very limited exhaust and noise emissions.

Anyone who would like to get a glimpse of the fire truck of the future is invited to attend the 2018 Ars Electronica Festival in POSTCITY. And there’s a special treat for kids—future firefighters can use brain-computer interface technology developed by g.tec medical engineering to operate the Concept Fire Truck’s light signals using only their thoughts!

Concept Fire Truck (CFT) / Rosenbauer (AT), Credit: tom mesic