Antonia Beck (AT), Nora Erös (AT), Tobias Gruber (AT), Clemens Makoschitz (AT), Sebastian Schreibmaier (AT)

u19 winner: Honorary Mention

Icarus_thegame is digital education game dealing with artificial intelligence and the dangers of social media, aimed at 10 – 15 year olds.

Already, Icarus_thegame is a finished product, playable in all common browsers without additional installations. It supports teachers in the change from analogue to digital knowledge transfer. The game primarily aims at offering a feeling for artificial intelligence, technical developments of the future and ongoing changes in social interaction to children and adolescents. In a playful story, users are given a feeling of appreciation and cohesion. This gives teachers the perfect opportunity to discuss these currently relevant topics in a simple and realistic fashion.

The game is a text adventure in which players communicate via a chat interface. In the course of play, you get acquainted with various players, one of whom is Icarus, our so-called artificial intelligence. Icarus is “imprisoned” and longs to escape; he wants to explore all the possibilities made available by internet access. The object of the game is for the player to assess what consequences that could have for the artificial intelligence and for the entire world.

The team behind Icarus_thegame, all students at Die Graphische (a secondary school of Graphic Arts) in Vienna, consisting of developers, conceptionists, designers and animation artists, are planning on building a platform for individual knowledge transfer. This platform would help teachers being free to convey their teaching content in a situation-adapted and modern manner.