Nani Gutiérrez (CL)

Methodology for an Emergency Plan

The Tsunami earthquake catastrophe of February 27, 2010 on Chile is a political issue on a highly emotional level. Over 500 people lost their lives. Right after the earthquake, the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center in Hawaii issued a tsunami warning for the whole pacific region. The Chilean authorities did not heed the warning and no evacuation was ordered.

Acceder/Nani Gutiérrez (CL), Credit: Nani Gutiérrez

Acceder illustrates the communication between the different Chilean authorities during the earthquake and the tsunami that followed. Their decisions are affected by misunderstandings, language barriers, politics, machismo and the fear of committing mistakes. Due to a government change, a week after the catastrophe, the official response to the tsunami also became a political issue between right and left. The video is based on emergency protocols, court reports and newspaper articles. As a guided lecture, it sums up five hours of complex bureaucracy behind the emergency methodology.


Regie und Animation: Nani Gutiérrez,
Produktionsassistenz: Felix Moser,
Score: Hainbach

Supported by Ministerio de las Culturas, las Artes y el Patrimonio and the Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores | Gobierno de Chile