The Water Resistance`s Laboratory “Toboggans”

Claudia González Godoy (CL)

TWRL Toboggans is a sound installation that seeks to make a connection between the natural and the synthetic, making possible different meanings for the element of water: as a physical material that generates sound, and as a substance with chemical properties that has an effect on the interaction between humans and nature. The permanent contact between water and electricity as an apparent risk plays a fundamental role in thinking through the relation between nature and artifice.

The Water Resistance`s Laboratory “Toboggans” / Claudia González Godoy (CL), Credit: tom mesic

This project aims to provoke thought about media and electronic devices, placing water at the center of technological development. It explores the water element as an interface that interconnects with electronic devices, generating a tension between two elements that are extremely important to life: water and electricity, where the water becomes the center of this installation, acting as a variable resistor to modify and modulate the sound of DIY synthesizers.

The Water Resistances Laboratory Toboggans/Claudia González Godoy (CL), Credit: Claudia González Godoy


Name of the Work:
water resistance laboratory slides

Claudia González Godoy

Installation and assembly concept:
Claudia González Godoy

Sound design and hardware development:
Claudia González

Design and construction wooden structure:
Andrés Moreno

Daniel Tirado

Rodrigo Moreno, Silvia Godoy

Plataforma Bogotá (2013) Tsonami Sound Art
Festival (2016)

Assembly assistants:
Daniel Tirado, Andrés Moreno

Courtesy of the artist

Supported by Ministerio de las Culturas, las Artes y el Patrimonio and the Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores | Gobierno de Chile