Dazwischen. Occurrences in Linz from 1918 to 1938 – an audio exhibition

Kulturdirektion Linz, Archiv der Stadt Linz, Walter Kohl (AT), theater@work, Ars Electronica Solutions (AT)

Exactly 100 years ago, the end of the Danube monarchy in Austria led to the foundation of the First Republic. Twenty years later the “Anschluss” to the National Socialist German Reich took place. An audio exhibition in public space commemorates these events and the period between 1918 and 1938.

The Linz Cultural Directorate, the Linz City Archive and Ars Electronica Solutions create an extraordinary audio world that conveys life, social and economic circumstances, and the political situation in Linz between two world wars. By actively exploring this exhibition in public space, scenes of everyday life at that time become audible by means of different sound reinforcement techniques. Attentive visitors and curious passers-by will be able to listen to conversations whose origin can often only be guessed. Speakers announce historic events and the political situation is discussed in niches. Texts and images also provide interesting background information and combine with what you hear to create a complex overall picture. The project was supervised by the Archive of the City of Linz.

Audio exhibition “Dazwischen. Events in Linz from 1918 to 1938”, Credit: Ars Electronica Center / Robert Bauernhansl
Dazwischen, Credit: theater@work, Ars Electronica Solutions


The audio plays were reconstructed by the writer Walter Kohl according to historical reports and staged by theater@work.

Further support by:

Kulturdirektion Linz
Archiv der Stadt Linz
Ars Electronica Solutions
Evangelische Pfarrgemeinde Linz Innere Stadt

Buchhandlung Thalia Linz
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