Mother’s Hand Taste (Son-mat)

Jiwon Woo (KR) 

Mother’s Hand Taste explores the complex relationships between intangible cultural heritage, microbiology, immigration, and notions of a ‘transient self’. Woo experimented with the control and development of generational inheritance by visualizing and then bio-fabricating the hand yeast of multi-generational family members across four global locations, to examine its effects on the taste of fermented food. By Investigating ‘hand taste‘ through artistic and scientific means, it reflects critically on the origins, authenticity, and preservation of cultural heritage.


Mother’s Hand Taste (Son-mat) / Jiwon Woo (KR), Credit:


Mother’s Hand Taste involves social research, laboratory work, computational design, and additive manufacturing technology. Its main outcome is the creation of a conceptual and mechanical object aimed at capturing, storing, and growing one’s own son-mat – specifically, to be used in the brewing of the traditional Korean fermented rice wine, Makgeolli.



Han Wösten / Utrecht University / Bio Art and Design Award