Campus Exhibition: Academy of Arts, Architecture & Design Prague

We want machines to become more human while we are becoming machines.

What is beyond experience and knowledge? Humans are imperfect, but making mistakes also creates new levels of creativity and improvisation. The multimedia installation defines fashion as an interdisciplinary platform and presents the result of a two-semester experimental project that investigates the AI phenomenon from the perspective of millennials, a native digital generation naturally driven by responsibility and sustainability. The outcome is based on extensive research, experimentation and a creative design process, and benefits from the recognition of AI as a tool that can augment our perception and make us more human. The task was to design wearables – clothing that contains certain added technological functionality, for example the ability to monitor EKG in real time, help with anxiety or connect design with digital projection. The exhibition introduces a space where different minds, different cultures can join and create something new, something that unifies art, design, science, technology and spirituality. Where fashion becomes a medium to alter reality towards the accommodation of human needs.

Campus Exhibition: Academy of Arts, Architecture & Design Prague, Credit:

The Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague (UMPRUM) was founded in 1885. Throughout its existence it has been ranked among the best educational institutions in the country. It boasts a number of successful graduates who have moved on to become respected professionals, garnering acclaim beyond the Czech Republic. Prague’s UMPRUM is the only Eastern European institute that has been ranked among Europe’s and the world’s most prestigious art schools. The Fashion Design Studio of UMPRUM has been a leading educational platform for fashion designers in the Czech Republic since its establishment in 1949. The studio takes an individual approach to students and concentrates on the entire range of fashion, from ready-to-wear collections to industrial design and artistic conceptual design. Fashion is perceived as means of communication within a social, gender and cultural context. Currently, the studio, under the creative leadership of Pavel Ivančic, focuses on developing students into versatile professionals with strong individual identities as designers.