Campus Exhibition: Disruptive Generation

Art & Technology Studies at School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC)
Curator: Duncan Bass (US)

The works assembled in Disruptive Generation question the role of technology in constructing and mediating our experience of reality, addressing technology’s capacity to undermine or transcend its structural frame. Each project highlights the relationship between archetype and prototype, disrupting the cultural and computational systems that circumscribe lived experience in order to render space for alternative futures. *Disruptive Generation* showcases work by five recent graduates of the Art & Technology Studies department at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC): Ziv Ze’ev Cohen, GREYMAR (Igraine Grey + Jonatan Martinez), Changyeob (C.Y.) Ok, Santiago X, and Li Yao.

Unlike other disciplines that use technology at the service of traditional forms, faculty and students in Art and Technology Studies (ATS) employ technology itself as their medium. The first of its type in the United States, ATS was established in 1969 when SAIC introduced courses in Kinetics and Generative Systems. Since its inception, the program has continually pioneered the use of emerging technologies in contemporary art, developing new models of artistic practice and integrating these models into the curriculum of one of the world’s most influential art and design schools. Today ATS offers courses in a wide range of disciplines including Programming, Light, Electronics & Kinetics, Audio, Virtual & Augmented Reality, Games, Bio Art, and History & Theory.


Art & Technology Studies department, School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Featured Artists:
Ziv Ze’ev Cohen, GREYMAR (Igraine Grey + Jonatan Martinez), Changyeob (C.Y.) Ok, Santiago X, Li Yao

Special Thanks:
Eduardo Kac, Professor & Chair of Art & Technology Studies, SAIC, Anna Yu, Assistant Director of Art & Technology Facilities, SAIC, Arthur Kolat, Assistant Director of Graduate Admissions, SAIC, Christl Baur, Producer Exhibitions, Ars Electronica, Violeta Gil Martínez, Project Manager Campus Exhibitions, Ars Electronica