The 101-nights

Nathalie Regard (FR/MX), Guillaume Dumas (FR), Roberto Toro (FR/CL)

Dream Sessions developed an experimental protocol for sleep monitoring. Integrating Nathalie’s body into a study, we reconstructed the environment of dream emergence upon the permanent exchange between the internal perception and the environment.

The 101-nights / Nathalie Regard (FR/MX), Guillaume Dumas (FR), Roberto Toro (FR/CL), Credit: tom mesic

Adding an exceptional length of time in comparison to common studies, in The 101-Nights we perform the recording of her sleep with 256 EEG channels, a performance in which her dreams were electronically recorded and stimulated with audios. These stimuli occasionally demonstrate their influence in the account of her dreams.

The Sleeper proposes to reproduce the landscape between the brain activity made from encephalographic data and the subjective experience of dream, recorded during the performance, where the viewer is invited to interact and look for possible correspondences between the plot of her dreams and the auditory influences triggered by the computer system.

The protocoled writing becomes sound and the stories solved through voices tell us strange facts. The invisible, silent and impersonal EEG data are carried over into a visual projection, regaining reality in a new way.


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