Plastics for Life

Greiner Group (AT)

At Greiner, every employee has the opportunity to present and discuss ideas online. So far, hundreds of ideas have been posted and developed, innovations have been promoted and creative employees connected. The Plastics for Life campaign is about sustainability and plastics. Particularly attractive are those two ideas that have the goal of the entire value-added cycle:

At Enzymatic Recycling, the ability to break down plastics, derived from specialized bacteria, is studied and improved. The resulting decomposition products can be used as raw material for the production of plastic granules.

Plastics for Life/Greiner Group (AT), Credit: Greiner Group

The Life Capsule aims to replenish fallow land. The degradable plastic containers contain plant seeds, nutrients and water and are dumped over affected areas. The capsule is made of 100% biodegradable plastic and protects the seedling in the initial stage.