Glockenspiel 4.0 / Der unsichtbare Musiker

Students at HTBLA Leonding (AT): David Marinicic (AT), Stefan Meingast (AT)

With Glockenspiel 4.0, boundaries between the virtual and the physical world become blurred. Adolescents from HTL Leonding attempted to get away from Spotify & co to make live music exciting again: they thus built an electronic variation of a glockenspiel that can be played via an app from a far distance. While the input is concerned with the transferring electronic media, the output takes place via engines and magnets.

The subsequent sound generation itself is quite archaic: a wooden mallet meets a piece of metal. While one person is tapping on the smartphone, the sounds travel to the receiver via the Internet. The receiver sees the musical instrument, sees the vibrating metal plates, sees the mallets moving live over the metal plates and hears the sounds. At any place in the world you can be connected to the listener via your mobile phone through the music.