Swamp Radio

Rasa Smite (LV), Raitis Smits (LV), RIXC (LV), MIT ACT (US)

Swamp Radio takes on the challenge of giving a voice to many who are unheard and invisible. The swamps, these vast wetlands with their ancient ecosystems, are like time-capsules. Yet they are also key players for providing a variety of ecological services for our modern society. Escaping from intensive agriculture, the swamps contain dormant resources, and myriad other species, with whom we share life on this planet.

Swamp Radio/Rasa Smite (LV), Raitis Smits (LV), Credit: Rasa Smite, Raitis Smits
Swamp Radio / Rasa Smite (LV), Raitis Smits (LV), RIXC (LV), MIT ACT (US), Credit: tom mesic

Artists have been installing microbial fuel cells, environmental monitoring sensors and data transmission networks to explore the sonic environment of the various ecosystems – from bogs near Riga in Latvia, and marshlands of the Boston area in Massachusetts, to wetlands in Venice, Italy. Using LoRa radio technology, during the Ars Electronica festival, data from the local biotope and ecosystem monitorings on the roof of the festival building will be transmitted live in the exhibition space, creating real-time audio-visual interferences and immersive sound experiences.


Nicole L’Huillier / MIT Media Lab, Gary Zhexi Zhang / MIT ACT, Kristaps Biters / RIXC, Dr. Reinholds Zviedris / LU. Support: RIXC, RISK CHANGE – Creative Europe’s project, MIT ACT, Swamp School at the Venice Architecture Biennale 2018