Gallery Spaces Panel II: Identification and Self-identification online. Technology and the true self

Deep in the core of POSTCITY gallerists, artists, theorists and collectors fathom the complexity of the new media market out of their own experience. From the business models for young artists, over the contemporary art aspects in new media artworks to the conservation of the past and present: the Gallery Space Panels create a comprehensive picture of the media art market 2018. Two of the panels are co-curated, one by kickstarter and the other by .art.

The correlation between representation and self-representation online vs real world will be at the center of the discussion. While talking about tech breakthroughs  the speakers will discuss how these innovations are changing the way we see and want to be seen online. The questions rising in the context of today’s hybrid reality and the factors influencing the perception of one’s self in the internet space to be raised by the following speakers: Martha Fiennes (UK), award-winning film-director, writer and producer; Andrey Sebrant (RU), director for Strategic Marketing at Yandex; Egor Kraft (RU), Interdisciplinary artist;  Anika Meier (DE), art critic and curator; Masha Sergeeva (UK), director of communications, .ART

In collaboration with .ART (DOT ART DOMAINS)


Martha Fiennes

Martha Fiennes (UK)

Martha Fiennes, award-winning film-director, writer and producer. Fiennes is best known for her films Onegin (1999) and Chromophobia (2005) and brings to her art substantial experience of film directing and cutting-edge post production technologies. With her team, headed by producer Peter Muggleston, Fiennes applies coding principles adapted from gaming engine structures to create majestic moving images which perpetually self-generate in a continuous and non-predictable cycle. This innovative technique is described as Sloimage .Nativity (2011), her debut work utilising this radical new medium has been exhibited at The National Gallery, London, The Victoria and Albert museum, Sotheby’s London and Paris, Covent Garden Piazza and The Hermitage in St Petersburg. In her most recent moving image artwork, Yugen, (2018) which features Salma Hayek as the leading figure, Fiennes explores the boundaries of her medium to create a visual exploration into our perception of reality. This work was commissioned by TenderCapital. The preview exhibition was at Palazzo Grassi in Venice, September 2018. Yugen is the first work to be registered on Art Records service developed by .ART. Art Records is the new international standard of art object identification on the internet. The service is based on Object ID standard developed by J. Paul Getty Trust and adopted by major law enforcement agencies, including the FBI, Scotland Yard, Interpol, UNESCO and ICOM, among others.

Egor Kraft

Egor Kraft (RU)

Interdisciplinary artist Egor Kraft (b. 1986 in St.Petersburg) currently lives and works in Vienna, Moscow & Berlin. Having acquired his education in Swedish foundation Art School, he continued Arts & Media studies at the Rodchenko Art School (BA), The Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna, followed by Central St. Martins College (UK, scholarship) and postgrad programme ‘New Normal’ at Strelka Institute. He participated in The 5th and 2nd Moscow Biennials for Young Art, Arsenale, Manifesta 10, Parallel Vienna, ‘Innovation as a Method’ in Hermitage, ‘Open Codes’ in ZKM and other international shows, screenings and festivals. Egor had solo shows in Sweden, Russia and
Estonia and was nominated for Innovation Prize, Kuryokhin Prize, Creative Enterprise Award (UK) and the Pulsar Prize (FRA). His works are in private and museum collections in Europe and US. In 2017 he was included in the New East 100, a list of people, places and projects shaping our world today by Calvert Journal (UK).

Lives and works in Vienna, Berlin and Moscow

Anika Meier (CH/DE), Credit: tom mesic

Anika Meier (CH/DE)

Anika Meier is a journalist and curator. Fellowships brought her to Paris, London, and Marbach. She writes a column on art and social media for Monopol Magazin. She curated the exhibition “Virtual Normality. Women Net Artists 2.0” (Museum of Fine Arts Leipzig), an exhibition on women net artists in the age of digital stagings of the self. The accompanying book is titled “Virtual Normality. The Female Gaze in the Age of the Internet” and features among others the work of Signe Pierce, Arvida Byström, Juno Calypso, Leah Schrager, and Molly Soda. She founded the collective This Ain’t Art School and teaches at the Institut für Europäische Kunstgeschichte at the University of Heidelberg.

Andrey Sebrant (RU), Credit: tom mesic

Andrey Sebrant (RU)

Born in Moscow in 1954, got MS degree in laser physics from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology in 1977, got PhD in plasma physics in 1985 at Kurchatov Institute of Atomic Energy. Quit scientific research in experimental physics and started working for various internet companies in 1995. Producer and Marketing Director for many Russian projects of early internet era; since 2004 work for Yandex, the largest Russian internet search and content company, now Director for Strategic Marketing at Yandex.

Since 20036 work as Editor-in-Chief for Russian Internet Marketing Journal, teach Digital Technology Applications at Higher School of Economics in Moscow. Member of Expert Council at Moscow Polytechnic Museum. Producer of annual Yet Another

Masha Sergeeva (UK), Credit: tom mesic

Masha Sergeeva (UK)

Professional experience includes working for leading profit and non-profit arts organizations: Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow; Andras Szanto LLC, New York; Performa Biennial, New York; Sotheby’s Auction House, New York; bitforms gallery, New York and Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg.

Holds an MA in Visual Arts Administration from New York University (NYU), an MA in Cultural Project Management from St. Petersburg University of Culture and Arts and a BA in Business Analysis from St. Petersburg ITMO University.