Give my creation…Life!

OPN Studio – Susana Ballesteros (ES), Jano Montañés (ES)

Give my creation… Life! is based on the generation of energy through the heartbeat, with the aim of granting autonomy to a machine. Issues such as extending a removed organ´s life, feeding it nutrients artificially, and using it as a source of natural energy were addressed during the research. The result of the study is a series of experiences materialized in an audiovisual with images taken from an experimental operative procedure carried out at CIBA (Centre of Biomedical Research of Aragón), reinforcing the project’s narrative. The material conclusion of the process developed during the study embodies the goals, advances and outcome of the investigation. It is a heart rhythm simulation device, which captures and feeds on the generated energy to give life to a machine.

All this is accompanied by a more theoretical part, which introduces the project through stock footage concerning experiments and investigations in relation to extracorporeal circulation throughout history.

Give my creation…Life! / OPN Studio – Susana Ballesteros (ES), Jano Montañés (ES), Credit:


Etopía, Center for Art and Technology 

CIBA (Centre of Biomedical Research of Aragón) , BIFI (Institute for Biocomputation and Physics of Complex Systems) , EBERS Medical Technology , Zaragoza University , Acción Cultural Española , Gobierno de Aragón , Diputación Provincial Zaragoza , Acknowledgements: , Daniel López del Rincón , Cristina Pastor , Javier Gómez-Arrue , Manuel Vázquez , Rosa Andrés , Elena Roselló , Anselmo López , Susana Olivera , Javier Lanuza , Javier Castillo , Manuel Gascón , Francisco Sanz , Sandra Vicente , Oscar Baiges , Paco Muñoz , Jorge Vela , Sergio Artiaga , Mariano Salvador , Enrique Berlanga , Santiago Latorre , Pablo Aliaga , Luis Martín , Roberto Vicente , Laura Ruiz , Beatriz Biel , Lina Monaco , Guillermo Malón