in the rain

Yuki Anai (JP), Hideaki Takahashi (JP)

Nature is a truth. It is often more than meets the eye because there are some things in nature that are invisible to the human eye. But that doesn’t change the fact that they exist. Rain has a variety of expressions: light rain, heavy rain, sun showers, etc. Sometimes, rain is revered as a blessing from heaven. Other times, it is disliked as a natural disaster. Rain is just rain, but its interpretation depends on the context. I believe rain is beautiful, but some people feel blue when it’s raining.

So, it is my desire to express how rain is beautiful and how nature has a message for us. One day, I was at home watching heavy rainfall. At that moment, I remembered another rainy day and my mind recalled the view, the surroundings, my feelings and so on. I felt like I was communicating with my past self. Then, I realized that rain is a medium which is deeply linked to people’s memories. Creating a rainfilled world, my “rainy world,” may help open the door to people’s pasts.


in the rain / Yuki Anai (JP), Hideaki Takahashi (JP), Credit:


Yuki Anai: Concept, Visual Design, Programming 
Hideaki Takashi: Sound Design