Tomoya Sasaki (JP), MHD Yamen Saraiji (SY)

21st Japan Media Arts Festival, award winner Entertainment Division

MetaLimbs adds “new arms” that can be freely manipulated by strapping on two robotic arms. The robotic arms are worn on the shoulders, and sensors placed on the top of the feet and the knees of both right and left legs track the movements of the legs to move the arms. Moving the toes moves the robot hands, which are equipped with tactile sensors, and the sensations of the robotic hands are fed back to the legs. These robotic arms can provide functions that surpass human physical abilities by replacing the end of the robotic arms with tools such as a soldering iron.

MetaLimbs / Tomoya Sasaki (JP), MHD Yamen Saraiji (SY), Credit:

As trends in technology transition from prosthetic to human enhancement technology, the question is raised as to how technology will change human physical sensation.