Quayola (UK/IT)

Remains is an ongoing project focusing on nature and the tradition of landscape paintings. High-precision laser scanners are used to capture natural landscapes at vast resolutions, resulting in complex digital renderings printed on large-format archival paper. The combination of highly detailed geometric reconstructions and the imperfections of the 3-D-scanning process create hybrid formations, somewhere in between the real and the artificial. While recreating similar conditions to ‘en plein air’ painters of the late 19th century, the natural landscapes are actually observed and analyzed through extensive technological apparatuses, and re-purposed through new modes of visual synthesis.

Remains / Quayola (UK/IT), Credit:


A project by Quayola
Commissioned by Audemars Piguet
Supported by TECHquadrat Werbetechnik GmbH
Courtesy of the artist and Audemars Piguet