Joana Moll (ES)

DEFOOOOOOOOOOOOREST shows the number of trees needed to absorb the amount of CO2 generated by the global visits to every second.

Google is the most visited site on the Internet. The site has an average of 52,000 visits per second and weighs around 2MB, resulting in an estimated amount of 500kg of CO2 emissions every second. On average, a tree can absorb 21.77 kg of CO2 per year. Thus, in order to counteract the amount of CO2 emissions caused by the global visits to every second, we would need approximately 23 trees/second. This project has been created with the aim of highlighting the massive environmental impact of ICT. In our contemporary algorithmic decision-making society, ecosystems are being increasingly considered as mere economic externalities, thus it is urgent to generate critical thought about the true nature of technology in order to imagine alternative techno-paradigms, which may coherently respond to our environmental and human conditions.


Cooperation partner: Ramin Soleymani