Ryo Kishi (JP)

Since early times lights have attracted people, and people have gathered spontaneously around lights. Especially lights that have fluctuations, such as a sky lantern, the moonlight or the light of a flame, fascinate people. We feel compelled to put our hands above them. Fluctuations of light are not under our control, so they can express wonder in frailty and instability.

ObOrO is a fragile kinetic light that has fluctuations and fascinates people with its frailty and instability. ObOrO is based on the Coandă effect. Levitating balls are suspended in midair, not with strings or wires, but only with an airstream. In midair, the levitating ball spins with instability. Users can physically touch and feel zero-gravity materials, and change its motion by putting their hands above the airstream.

ObOrO / Ryo Kishi (JP), Credit: vog.photo


ObOrO / Ryo Kishi (JP), Credit: Ryo Kishi