Kathrin Stumreich (AT)

robotic sound installation

The focal point is a translucent flag; its movement choreography is controlled by complex robotics. Beyond the flag´s operation range, a laser and a light sensor are positioned. When the laser and fabric collide, sound is created.

Sovereignty/Kathrin Stumreich (AT), Credit: Kathrin Stumreich

This work’s poetry lies in the apparently random combinations of floating silk and gritty sound. Underlying this is Stumreich’s precise audiovisual composition. Every drape has been analyzed on the basis of its sound. According to these aesthetics, the robotics of the flag choreography SOVEREIGNTY was programmed to run in a 9-minute loop. Marked by sharp laser beams, elements associated with sovereignty (as the title implies) can be found, such as leeway, a change of direction, or a drop.


Robotics: Adam Donovan (AU) 
Programming: Christoph Freidhöfer (AT/DE) 
Exhibition Support: Bildrecht