Useless Weapons Series

Alexandra Ehrlich Speiser (AT)

corrupting abstract violence

A glitch is an “error” in a system. Audio files with a broken tune, videos with corrupted images or sounds, colorful pixels which disguise and manifest themselves in the image. In our digital life we encounter such malfunctions on a daily basis. Algorithms get confused. Computers seem to have grabbed ahold of their own life.

Glitches arise, almost like the spirit of the machine, emerging from the depths just to say “hello” in their own form on the surface. “Glitch art“ celebrates the aesthetics of the error and malfunctions. 3-D datasets are available in the dark web. Just 3-D-print your favorite weapon!


Useless Weapons Series / Alexandra Ehrlich Speiser (AT), Credit:


Alarming fact: the ubiquity of destructive murder weapons will increase rapidly. Based on this thought, the artist had the inspiration to take over data sets of a S&W handgun, an AK47 and a grenade to glitch them and make them useless. She has given material form to her abstract sabotages and their ability to affect the equally ethereal file, and in turn the dangerous and threatening original.