KOSMICA Parliament

Miha Turšič (SI/NL)

KOSMICA Parliament is a series of performative events featuring the artistic community of Ars Electronica and their views about human activities in outer space. Inside a space capsule, artists will be welcome to give a performative statement about the errors of space exploration. This kaleidoscope of critical views will create the arena to collectively reflect on these issues and inspire new modes of human becoming in outer space.

KOSMICA Parliament / Nahum (MX, DE), Credit: tom mesic

“Failure is not an option” is the famous quote from Apollo 13; however, space activities have always been plagued by errors and mistakes. KOSMICA Parliament will invite the Ars Electronica community to actively reflect on these issues in order to envision novel ways of exploring and inhabiting space through emerging understanding of relations between humanity, non-terrestrial environments and technologies.


Artistic director: Miha Turšič (SI, NL)
Filming: Caro Siegl (D)
Production: Kosmica Institute, KSEVT, Waag, Kersnikova Institute – Kapelica Gallery, Zavod Delak
Media sponsor: Experimental and Emerging Art journal
Technical production: Scenart
Special thanks: +MSUM Ljubljana
Support: Ministry of Culture, Republic of Slovenia