The Contour of Presence

Nahum (MX, DE)

On June 29, 2018, a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launched from Kennedy Space Center – half artwork and half ethereal presence.

The Contour of Presence makes use of an object called Pulse that is currently orbiting Earth in an elusive time and place onboard the International Space Station, where it was brought by the Falcon 9 rocket. Through a series of interactive video performances, this ethereal presence will tell a story in real time to explore the meaning of presence and the politics of existence. Audiences will find themselves immersed in an intimate narrative unfolding simultaneously on Earth and somewhere in outer space.

The resulting encounter will become the stage to reflect on how existence is not an individual affair and how we are closer to each other beyond distance and borders.

The Contour of Presence/Nahum (MX, DE), Credit: Nahum


This project is a collaboration between Nahum Studios and the International Space University. The artwork will travel to the International Space Station with the new ICE Cubes Service by Space Applications Services in conjunction with the European Space Agency.