Bubble Chaos Echo Chamber

Yosun Chang (US)

Bubble Chaos Echo Chamber is the experiential embodiment of the visitor-viewer peering into the viewpoint of someone (“It”) stuck in an echo chamber bounded by a filtered reality.

“It” sees the world through a head-mounted display. But, we see it is actually a digitally processed version of the world—call it reality-replacement lenses or augmented reality (AR) taken to extremes. “It” is at the mercy of the system, and we see in this case, its face detector has been hacked to identify people incorrectly.

Bubble Chaos Echo Chamber/Yosun Chang (US), Credit: Nick Leoni

As a pun on “filter bubble” and AR “filters” made famous by Snapchat, the visitor-viewer is invited to pick up a “bubble marker” to hold in front of “It”. These AR markers can augment and trigger video filters — and can even evoke different facial emotional responses from “It.” If the visitor-viewer chooses to hold their “bubble marker” in front of their face, they could mask themselves, and effectively inject their own “filter bubble” as perceived by the system into “Its” echo chamber, continuing the bubble chaos loop.


Mozilla and The Tech Museum of Innovation