Faking News

Stu Campbell (AU)

If the front-page news could be broken down and analyzed in real-time, what would it look like? Using the EyeJack Augmented Reality App, you can see the front page of the New York Times come to life with animation and sound as the stories are deconstructed. In this context the EyeJack app allows the user to perform a news autopsy – a post-print examination that explores the climate of events surrounding the news story.

In an era where the term ‘fake news’ is wielded frequently, the legitimacy of news is under threat and therefore it is important for people to question the authenticity of news. The EyeJack app is a time-lens where multiple points of view can be presented simultaneously. The juxtaposition of stories and events presents context that may explain why influential leaders and institutions choose to omit or distort facts or fabricate news altogether.

This piece was first seen at Mozilla’s Reality Redrawn event at The Technical Museum of Innovation in San Jose.