Queensland University of Technology (AU)

Dilate is an interactive wearable that responds to human data; dilating, pulsating and expanding while on a human body.

Dilate uses symbiosis as a forefront for exploration within wearable technology. Audiences activate this wearable through their interaction with it, creating an emotional response.

Dilate / Queensland University of Technology (AU), Credit: tom mesic


Undergraduate Bachelor of Creative Industries:
Ruth Hawkins (AU), Daniel Kit Wei Tan (MY).

Undergraduate Bachelor of Fine Arts:
Reina Takeuchi (AU).

Honours Bachelor of Design:
Jess Greentree (AU), Peter Lloyd (AU), Tom Long (AU), Steven O’Hanlon-Rose (AU), Joash Teo (AU).

This project was developed in the framework of the Ars Electronica Futurelab Academy 2018