FuckUp Night Linz Special

At the FUCKUP NIGHT Linz Special, selected speakers provide their personal insights into the world of occupational failure. With the help of 10 images, they’ll give an account of a project that flopped big-time and the lesson they learned from this. We—an alliance of the University of Linz, Linz Art University and Tabakfabrik—are pursuing a vision: destigmatizing failure, socially and personally.

We’re open to all sorts of tales of botch jobs, blunders and screw-ups. The field of endeavor doesn’t matter—art, culture, business; social, technological, scientific; whatever. There are no restrictions: the more diverse, the better! The FUCKUP NIGHT Special is being staged as a lead-in to the Future Innovators Summit at the Ars Electronica Festival.

Visitors will receive valuable inputs to take away from this event. Learning from errors makes something totally new possible; it enables innovation. Whoever talks about it in front of others might also help them avoid making the same mistake.

A Cooperation of JKU, Linz University of Art and Design and Tabakfabrik. With Kilian Kleinschmidt (Global Networker and Humanitarian Expert, Founder of IPA, Innovation and Planning Agency), Eric Dahlstrom (Space expert and consultant) and more.

Speakers: Kilian Kleinschmidt (DE), Eric Dahlstrom (NZ/US), Karina Streng (AT), Illya Szilak (US)

FUCKUP NIGHTS Linz (organisation team): Birgit Wimmer-Wurm (AT), Kathrin Anzinger (AT), Nina Fuchs (AT)
Moderation: Dejan Stojanovic (AT) (FUCKUP NIGHTS Vienna)