The Winners and Honorable Mentions of the

Prix Ars Electronica 1995 - WWW Category

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Categories of Honorable Mentions

Finding categories was fun and revealing in itself about what the Web can do. What is special about a netzine like Hotwired, that makes it really different from just another support for a magazine ? How would an art gallery present itself on-line to take advantage of user input and interactivity ? How should an individual artist present herself or invite the user to explore his work ? We were asked - but not obliged - to arrive at a desirable number of twelve categories. This is approximately by order of appearance the categories we settled on:
  1. Best Groupmindware
  2. Best Self-servers
  3. Best Community Watchdog Service
  4. Best Community Information Service
  5. Best Netzine
  6. Best Experimental/Experiential Gallery
  7. Cleverest Device
  8. Most Efficient and Useful Sensor
  9. Best Homepage/Display
  10. Best Adaptive Response to the market forces
  11. Virtual Id/entity creation
  12. Most Likely to be Censored Page

Developing Criteria for "Art on the Web"

Derrick de Kerckhove

McLuhan Program in Culture and Technology University of Toronto
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