I see something you don't see


Dietmar Offenhuber (AT)
Christopher Lindinger (AT)
Robert Praxmarer (AT)
Wolfgang Ziegler (AT)
Erwin Reitböck (AT)
Christian Naglhofer (AT)
Peter Brandl (AT)

Jakob Edlbacher (AT)

Peer into the hidden world of this exhibit and discover digital ghosts and goblins, itinerant data and homeless bits and bytes.

Thanks to a specially arrayed set-up including a camera, LCD screen, magnetic tracking system and a high-performance graphic computer, graphic representations of site-specific information and data are visualized in true perspective.

The real, visible surroundings are overlaid by the virtual images and displayed in tandem. This installation illustrates the concept of Augmented Reality and offers users the opportunity to playfully explore it.

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