Golan Levin (US)
Christopher Lindinger (AT)
Zachary Lieberman (US)

RE:MARK focuses on the symbolic diversity of language. The computer uses tonal analysis to differentiate between sounds and phonemes, and transforms this data into distinctive signs and symbols.

Golan Levin's RE:MARK project has to do with the symbolic meaning of sounds, with that moment when the voice, through the process of tonal formation, becomes a language, a system of symbols and signs.

Through the analysis of phonemes and language, the computer differentiates between noise, spoken letters, vowels or words and, on the basis of its interpretation, produces balloons (like in a comic strip) containing signs—for example, in the case of the word "auto," the corresponding icon.

The depiction is done via projection on a wall in front of which two people are seated facing each other and conversing. The balloons with their respective signs emerge from the shadows of their heads.

Realized with the support of the Siemens Artist in Residence Project at Ars Electronica.