Gesichtsraum (Application)
CAVE Application


Andreas Jalsovec
Pascal Maresch (AT) (CH)
Joachim Schnaitter (AT)
Christopher Lindinger (AT)
Peter Freudling
Florian Berger (AT)
Christopher Galbraith
Johannes Deutsch (AT)

This interactive CAVE application is based on the "Computer Wall and Ceiling Images" of Johannes Deutsch.

"Gesichtsraum" (face space) is a metaphor for the interaction with a human being and for the process of entering the universe of his/her feelings. CAVE visitors can inter-react with the emotions of a "space face." Their individual movements trigger changes of feelings represented by compositions of color and form.

"Gesichtsraum" has been designed as a pilot project, as an experimental laboratory to arrive at a new interrelationship between art and our reaction to it. The ultimate objective is to be able to simultaneously feed back emotional responses to a work of art into the work itself and to thereby modulate its form.

Realized within the Ars Electronica Research & Residence Program 2002.

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