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'Zachary Lieberman Zachary Lieberman / 'Pardon Kimura Pardon Kimura

Drawn is a concert-performance in which live painting is radically augmented in real time, creating a fictional world in which the painted forms appear to come to life, rising themselves off the page and interacting with the outside world. The performance explores the musicality and immediacy of drawing by turning simple brushstrokes of ink into complex and energetic life forms.
The performance operates in a simple manner: A table on stage holds the paper, ink and brushes the performer uses to draw. A mounted camera positioned above the table captures the drawing and this seemingly “live” image from the camera is then projected for the audience to observe. However, this projected image is not entirely unadulterated—custom software works as an intermediary step between the camera and projection, performing complex analysis of the video image and augmenting the image in real-time with synthetic graphics. The result is a hybrid video signal, combining both factual and fictional pixels in order to create an artificial but entirely believable world in which hand-drawn gestures appear to have a mind of their own.