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Street Training

'Lottie Child Lottie Child

Street Training is the art of constantly training our bodies and minds, both collectively and individually, to develop awareness on the streets. It’s commonly understood that our surroundings have a powerful effect on us. Street Training teaches us that we can have an equally powerful effect on our surroundings with our thoughts and behaviour and interactions.The regular practice of exploring ourselves and the spaces we inhabit safely and joyfully helps Street Trainers to make positive changes within our environment.

Lottie Child has developed this method over several years to combine training and art. For Street Training in Linz she invites you to explore Linz with the Street Training team using a manual, which shares the experiences and knowledge of the Street Training team of Camberwell in southeast London. The manual introduces you to the ideas behind Street Training and encourages you to develop and invent your own. Street Training has two components: the Path of Safety and the Path of Joy. Everyone who uses the street considers safety, but joy is usually forgotten. It is vitally important that you study both aspects equally. If you focus too much on keeping out of danger, the lighter side of your Street Training practice will suffer; too much emphasis on joy may put you in danger.

Street Training is a project in cooperation with Aileen Derieg/A, Emily Druiff/GB, Radio FRO and KunstRaum Goethestrasse.