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'Nataša Teofilovic Nataša Teofilovic

s.h.e. is an interactive ambience composed using an installation and a 3D character animation. The installation is built using 5 computer screens positioned at a person's eye level. Displayed on the screens are 3D characters, facing the visitors’ faces. All 5 animations are synchronous and interlinked into a single image by using custom software in a networked environment.

The Work is ambient in nature, due to the fact that the audience and the architecture of the space are key ingredients of the setup. The screens are set apart so that the virtual actresses, who pass from screen to screen, „pass through“ the real space as well, from an observers’ point of view. Thus the two spaces overlap—the virtual one with the real. The s.h.e.(s) pass through „our“ space while we pass through “theirs”.

Conceptually, the Work is based on an analysis of virtual space and the virtual actor.

The virtual space is emptied; its spatiality is defined by the virtual characters through their movement and behavior (the animation). In the void-space, the virtuals are left to explore their own virtual identities. That’s why they knock on the insides of the screens, touch the boundary (the edge) of the picture, enter their own virtual bodies or meet themselves.They are “skins”, virtual membranes without any organs, with animated shaders.

The elements of the personal, the private and the auto portrait are present throughout all segments of the Work. The virtual actresses’ portraits have been derived from my own. The digital lighting was captured (HDR IBL) from the ambient I am living in. The sound—the rhythm of the beating on the screen, the knocking on the glass surface of the screen on which the s.h.e.(s) were created. Mimics,movement and gesture are privately mine.

Natasa Teofilovic´: concept, character design, 3D animation, editing, sound cooperator Dorde Feketic´: communication and video synchronization software