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'Masato Sekine Masato Sekine

Ene-geometrix is an aestheometric generating device that uses a liquid heat convection phenomenon as a medium. In Ene-geometrix, the generation of patterns is made by two principles. One is an artificial thermal energy operation, and the other is a self-organization that is a property of the natural world.

Peltier modules, (these are the devices that can perform heating or cooling) are placed all over in grid pattern inside the housing, their states being controlled through GUI. By the artificial thermal energy operation, a temperature incline occurs in the liquid, and it produces a liquid flow. In the thermal equilibrium state, in which liquid temperature and outside temperature do not have an obvious difference, a stable linear pattern is drawn on the liquid surface. A process of generating this pattern is similar to the algorithm of the Voronoi diagram in computational geometry. However, in a thermal non-equilibrium state, another power begins to generate a new pattern, which is called the self-organization. A pattern that occurs in this case is called the “Bénard Cell” and it appears to totally erode a stable pattern of linear shape.

When the combination of the two rules, the artificial heat-energy control and the self-organization by the natural world, appears in a space as a dynamic pattern, would not a universal relationship between the natural world and human beings be depicted there?

© Masato Sekine (Keio University, Kohiyama lab). Supported by: Keio University.