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'Markus Kison Markus Kison

Why are there so many webcams on the net, when most of them lack any serious function such as security or traffic monitoring?

In fact webcams just show the real life, which is not very exciting most of the time. But as we all know this, those streamed pictures are more drawn from life to us, than any event on which e.g. a broadcast is focused.Webcams open the most direct tunnel to a foreign reality. Roermond- Ecke-Schönhauser completes this idea by transforming this distant reality from virtuality to something real, touchable. Therefore four elected webcam-streams (Denmark, crossing | Amsterdam, laundromat | Berlin, courtyard | Holland, marketplace) were projected with a beamer and via a mirror construction onto four models of the particular places. To make the projection fit on the models, the architecture of the webcam-places was rebuilt in a 3D-application and printed on a 3D-plotter, adapted to the optics of the projector, which are different from the optics of the webcams. That way, the picture information is displayed on distorted geometrical shapes, similar to those that were filmed. The models then become canvasses, or film sets, onto which the live images of the webcams are projected. The result is four “live models” from a distant world, which we see in three-dimension and which we can touch.With this material manifestation, the transmission process, in contrast to the usual webcam, which remains just virtual, is completed. The viewer perceives the webcam-stream as “real”. The effect is that these locations are brought almost magically to life, recalling the uncanny transformative effect of the laterna magica of the 19th Century.

Based on the technology of Roermond-Ecke-Schönhauser Markus Kison is now developing a new model that visualizes the construction work progress of the new Ars Electronica Center in the form of a live miniature. In addition the model will grow dynamically according to the actual construction situation.


Created at the University of the Arts Berlin in the „Digital Media Class“, taught by Prof. Joachim Sauter, Prof. Jussi Ängeslevä and Prof. Kora Kimpel.