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Ars Electronica 2001

'Gerfried Stocker Gerfried Stocker / 'Christine Schöpf Christine Schöpf

TAKEOVER who‘s doing the art of tomorrow

Which constellations, which factors define the art of tomorrow, where will it happen, who is doing it and with whom?
The altered framework conditions that affect working as an artist and the impact of art in a world characterized by information and communication technologies have given rise to new forms of art. Significant here is the shift of their presence into spheres beyond the conventional art world and also increasingly into the emerging economies that have been geo-culturally uncharted territory for media art. Following the digital revolution, there has been a creativity burst that, as a qualitative phenomenon, goes far beyond an increase in the number of those involved in design tasks and challenges in both professional and amateur settings. The computer and the Internet are not only highly developed production and distribution media; they are also the reference system in which ideas, talents and capabilities emerge and are refined, enhanced and perfected through the inspiring interplay of cooperation and competition.

Ars Electronica 2001 sets out on the trajectory of this burst of creativity to track the scenes, sites and protagonists of the art of tomorrow. Experimental arrays by these protagonists are being developed further in order to provide these models and motifs of artistic activity with compatible forms of presentation that are capable of also stimulating suitable situations in which to encounter them. The scientific method of some projects plays just as integral a part in the whole as the proximity of others to experimental entertainment. The festival as an art institution functions as a transfer node, as a marketplace of ideas, processes and ways of working.