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OMV Klangpark

'Heimo Ranzenbacher Heimo Ranzenbacher

The first Ars Electronica in 1979 also marked the beginning of the Klangwolke (cloud of sound), a lavishly visualized musical event presented in the Donaupar k along the Danube. Initiated by the Austrian Broadcasting Company’s Upper Austria Regional Studio and the City of Linz, the performance of a single featured work annually perpetuates the idea of "art in public spaces” in spectacular fashion.
The Klangpark (sound park) series was launched in 1999. The Klangpark utilizes the infrastructure of Linz’s Klangwolke and imparts its intention to a public musical laboratory staged as an integral part of the festival. Music emanating from a digital production studio will rain down from four loudspeaker towers upon the park grounds for eight hours a day throughout the festival.

In contrast to the work-centered Klangwolke, the Klangpark series basically focuses on the confrontation of different methods of making music through the collaboration of internationally renowned artists with one musical mastermind. This concept has been modified slightly for Takeover: following previous years’ work by Michael Nyman and Alexander Balanescu, it will not be a single central musical personality around whom the representatives of advanced sound-art and digital music gather in 2001; rather, with Vladislav Delay, Luukas Onnekaas and Luomo, it will be three alter egos of a single artist who will simultaneously assume the role of the Klangpark’s featured performer.