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'Karl Gerbel Karl Gerbel

Ars Electronica 95 deals with the main topic "Mythos Information – Welcome to the Wired World". The worldwide actual theme leads artists and experts from all over the world to Linz during the festival time – and makes Linz the capital of reflections on the phenomena of Internet and Datahighways.

It is all about the wired, electronic net world and about the sea of information in which we, either as manipulated and abused consumers drown, or, as critical citizens, experience a new quality of knowledge and life.

Ars Electronica 95 approaches the myth of information and the reality of the wired net world from both sides of the river: the walk over the bridge opens chances and hope in the same way as danger and threat.

The resulting artistic, philosophical, scientific and political information and discussion is what makes the festival 95 so exciting and important beyond the day.