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Tronic Artcore Event

'Konrad Becker Konrad Becker / 'Jimmy Hennrich Jimmy Hennrich / 'Martin Reschitzegger Martin Reschitzegger / 'Leo Schatzl Leo Schatzl

It is our understanding that new art forms and the social changes they entail require new forms of presentation and an up-to-date way of engaging with culture. For this reason, we have tried to create a framework for artistic production that is in sync with the liveliest expression of social communication currently existing, viz. the culture of parties, events and raves.

Music from a technology-oriented environment is the central medium of the event: It exemplifies the participatory way in which the new technologies are dealt with in art. It has turned out that this part of the music scene has developed exemplary independent structures within dynamic global networks in the past few years.

New media and the cultural implications of technology will cause fundamental changes in traditional structures of mediation such as galleries or museums, replacing part of them with new models. We have therefore renounced the conventional format of the exhibition, trying to present artistic work at the academy in an advanced environment.

The event presents students' projects from the new media, art and technology fields, which deal with the potential role of the artist in the post-industrial society of the future or today.

To ensure that the event appeals to a large audience of young adults, internationally renowned DJs and musicians have been invited.

Media event: rave culture, street media, techno design, media icons, telecommunication, networks, visualized music, games, clips, multivision, computer animation, installations and space concepts, light design, video, sound concepts.