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Piazza Virtuale: SERVICE AREA A.I.

' Ponton European Media Art Lab Ponton European Media Art Lab

Video Interface System is a piece of hardware and can be obtained from Ponton. In combination with computer, modem (14.4k) and video camera, black and white moving images can be sent to Service Area using normal telephone lines. One can also video-telephone and meet in videoconferences. Software can be downloaded from the Ponton mailbox. AVIS software (version 1.0) is available for all major platforms.
In Linz in the Brucknerhaus visitors enter a room with a 3-D projection and are confronted by the audiovisual ambience of the network. Sensor pads on the floor allow contact with the virtual visitors in the network. What the audience at home has on their monitors is being projected in 3-D on a 15 by 20 feet screen. Acoustically the visitor can contact Service Area a.i. with speakers and microphones.
Telephone numbers, access possibilities, internet and more. Call 0049-511-391307, fax 0049-511-39164, E-mail: service@ponton.hanse.de
The video-telephone for everyone, have your image on TV. AVIS will be shipped immediately after paying DM 190 into the account of Ponton Verlag,Deutsche Bank, Hamburg, Konto Nummer 61620", BLZ 200 700 00, Germany. The AVIS software can be downloaded as freeways from the Ponton Mailbox (0049-40-2000080, 1200-14.400, 8N1).
Siemens Nixdorf – Telekom – Dialogic – MMS – Cinstic – Apple Computer - Silicon Graphics – BinTec – Müller & Prange – Pioneer – Sony – Sun -Sybase – TSI – US Robotics – Waldorf – P.Ink – Techex – Novavox – NEC -Fuba.

Ministerium für Wissenschaft und Kultur – Niedersachsen
Bundesministorium fur Unterricht und Kunst – Wien/Österreich.
Baumann Katharina – Bittern Norbert – Dudesek Karel – Haude Daniel – Heidersberger Benjamin – Heinze Katharina – Horns Roey – Jonas Till – Lütjens Ole – Matthäi Frank – Pempel Olaf – Rennecke Jörn – Roselius Axel – Tessloff Manuel – Vanasco Salvatore – Wolff Christian
Ponton European Media Art Lab
D-30163 Hannover, Lister Strasse 17.
Tel. : 0049-511-627032 Fax: 0049-511-391644.