Ars Electronica 1992
Festival-Program 1992
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Ars Electronica 92 - Window Into a New World

'Karl Gerbel Karl Gerbel

Ars Electronica, the festival of art, technology and society, in 1992 is dedicated to the major and current topic "The World from Within – ENDO & NANO".

Ars Electronica thus deals with scientists', philosophers' and artists' latest perceptions of endophysics and nanotechnology, two new branches of science that enable us to see our world from a different angle. The observer of our world is within the world system and at the same time a part of this system. That means everything we can see, hear, think or do has been constructed and created by ourselves. Thus the reality is not real but artificial.

The artistic projects shown during Ars Electronica deal above all with the virtual realities, the artificial realities. The performances, installations and exhibitions are enquiring into the reality in which we exist and act.

With Ars Electronica 92 and its analysis of the new branches of science endophysics and nanotechnology, Linz is opening a window to a new world.