Ars Electronica 1992
Festival-Program 1992
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Interface to the World

'Katharina Gsöllpointner Katharina Gsöllpointner / 'Brigitte Vasicek Brigitte Vasicek

For the choice of the various projects to be presented during Ars Electronica 92 we made it a condition that the work's topic be a "new" perspective of the world.
Such a choice will always be made for various reasons. Not only artistic criteria and ideals of the organizers but also such trivial motives as organizational and financial reasons determine the program of a festival in the end.

A very important factor was the "architecture" of the exhibition. Not only Eichinger's or Knechtl's design of the rooms that demonstrates the transformation of the view almost brutally, but naturally a mental architecture that creates a reality past that.

The common factor of the projects at this festival is, along with the thematic incorporation of the"view" and the "position" of the spectator as an essential element of the creation of a work of art, also the attempt to demonstrate what has been rationally and radically dealt within the field of endophysics and has always been inherent in art: the reflection of the world in the work of art, the work of art itself as the interface to the world.