Ars Electronica 1992
Festival-Program 1992
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Interactive computer graphic environment

'Agnes Hegedüs Agnes Hegedüs

The intention of this work is to emphasize some aspects of virtuality, such as telepresence, and disembodiment and re-embodiment of the senses. Another aim of the work is to bring a transverse relation between the virtual and the real by means of the scaling of a specific physical object and its representation into different spaces and dimensions.

This is done within the circumference of a visual enviroment in which the imagery becomes a spherical anamorphoses that embodies an augmented field of view – the notion of an endoscopic eye. The thematic structure of this work is implied as an exteriorized projection of psychological and symbolic spaces.

All elements coherently merge in one enviroment that is constituted by three main apparatuses: a large circular video projection surface, an eyeshaped interactive interface and a transparent sphere with a hole into which one inserts this 'eye'. This sphere provides the viewer with an endo-spatial inclosure whose manual exploration maps directly into the representation of the virtual domain.

Application software: Gideon May
Computer system: Silicon Graphics 4D / 310 VGX
Produced with the cooperation of the Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie Karlsruhe